What does it mean when AutoUncle says "The price should be"?

It tells you what the car's market price should be if you compare it to prices on other similar cars for sale in the market.

AutoUncle’s valuation - is that the price I can expect to get from a dealer?

No. AutoUncle’s market price is an expression of what the car’s asking price ought to be compared to similar cars for sale in the current market.

If you sell or trade your car in at a dealer, you cannot expect to get a price equal to AutoUncle’s market price estimate. The market price estimate is purely based on asking prices.

Remember that the dealer has to offer warranty, service the car and earn a profit on the car.

How does AutoUncle calculate what the price should be?

AutoUncle uses an algorithm called AutoScore, which scans the car's advert text for factual informations such as year, km, engine size and equipment. Based on these data, AutoScore calculates how the car should be priced relative to other similar cars in the market.

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I have a car without an AutoScore rating - what does that mean?

AutoUncle is only able to rate cars where important data such year, mileage, body type, engine size, gear and equipment is available. Likewise, cars advertised as leasing and financing offer and cars without registration tax are not rated. Finally, some rare makes and models where the supply in the market is very limited cannot be rated either.

Why can't I find cars from before 1950 and cars for sale below 200,00 € on AutoUncle?

Cars from before 1950 and for sale below 200,00 € are not included on AutoUncle. The reason is that the price on these cars mainly depend on the car's condition, which cannot with be assessed accurately using only the car's factual information such as year, mileage, engine size, equipment level etc. In order to provide an AutoScore, it is critical that the available factual information has an impact on the price.

How accurate is AutoUncle's price estimate?

AutoUncle's estimates are accurate but they depend on the quality of the information provided in the original advert text. It means that if important information is lacking or incorrect the estimates can be inaccurate.

How can I advertise my car on AutoUncle?

It is not possible to advertise your car directly on AutoUncle. But if you advertise your car on one of the other big used car market places, we will find it.

Why does AutoUncle give my car a low rating – I think that it is a good buy?

AutoUncle rates the cars against comparable cars for sale in the market. The typical explanation for a low rating can be that your advert lacks important information such as engine size or equipment. Try and go through your advert and update it if important data is missing.